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Lightrunner: Razz
02-Nov-2017 11:13:42
Gloom: Indeed! Im playing H1Z1 atm Smile
28-Oct-2017 22:29:38
Slinver: No posts since May! Any lunies still around?? Very Happy
12-Oct-2017 10:59:50
Xasa: Any new games worth checking out? Cant relax properly without an MMO to relax in.
25-May-2017 15:51:10
Xasa: WoW got boring fast. Roaming around in Sosaria yet again. Razz
24-Apr-2017 21:09:30
Gloom: SWG EMU !!!
06-Mar-2017 07:43:21
Hefaistos: Partyman
23-Nov-2016 07:51:39
Gloom: Need more lunies on Frostmane! Mythic dungeons awaits!
31-Oct-2016 22:35:48
Xasa: I guess i'll transfer.. next work weekend, hah.. up to 72 hours! What's that, ugh.. Better not be home if that happens.
31-Aug-2016 17:26:46
Xasa: Arr, on Defias Brotherhood atm.. Skullcrusher was extremely empty! ;O
31-Aug-2016 16:43:03
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