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70 warr - apply
Join our crazy bunch of pie lovers.
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Author Message
Post Post subject: 70 warr - apply
Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 07:37 PM
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Character's name:Nightdragon
Race and class:Human warrior
RL name and age:Stefan 18
Where are you from: Macedonia
Your talent spec:17/44/0 Im fury but if u need me as tank ill respecc
Do you know any other raiding CLOWNs? If so, who:I still dont know, maybe i have done some pug instances with em

Karazhan attuned (Y/N):y
Serpentshrine C. attuned (Y/N):y
Tempest Keep attuned (Y/N):y

Previous raid experience:I have cleader almost all kara, except netherspite, and nightbane

State your reputation with the current Outland factions:
Honor Hold:Honored
Cenarion Expedition:Honored
Lower City:revered
Scryers/Aldor:exalted scrayers

Armory link:<------ Make sure u post this link!!!!
Defense/healing (warriors/healers):Well assuming that im not a prot, i have 350 defense in dps gear
Former Guilds (and reasons for leaving):I was in fatality, but me and other ppl leaved because the peeps were really pro noobs, i mean they didint know how to kill huntsman Very Happy but thats just woth the 2nd raid grp, when i was in the first group there was no probs, we cleared almost whole kara

Available Days for Raiding + Times:Im really hard core player, epsecially during the summer breal, i can play like 12-13 hours per day
Monday (yes/no):yes
Tuesday (yes/no)yes
Wednesday (yes/no)yes
Thursday (yes/no)yes
Friday (yes/no)yes
Saturday (yes/no)yes
Sunday (yes/no)yes

I hope that i will become one of you, and raid together with u.I dont want just to wear the name"clown" i want to proove myself as good player and show my skills if u give me a try.
GL all

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The Mighty
The Mighty



Joined: Mar 19, 2006
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Location: Vinslöv, Skåne, Sverige - [Sweden]

Post Post subject: 70 warr - apply
Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 08:08 PM
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Thx for your app.

Warrior's CL will contact you asap.

Best regards

Michael (aka Levina WoW)
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Quite a regular
Quite a regular



Joined: May 06, 2006
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Location: The Netherlands
Student of CLOWN

Post Post subject: 70 warr - apply
Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2007 06:52 PM
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Dear Nightdragon, send me a /w ingame Smile

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