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Guild History
All about CLOWN. Who are we? What do we do? Where have we come from? Why are we obsessed with pie?
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Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2006 08:00 PM
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Guild history

1997 (spring?)
Crazy Lunatics Of the Wild North (CLOWN) is formed as a Quake clan. A small but merry company who tried to frag away and eat pie at the same time. CLOWN even had its own server - "The Circus". The tag was [Clown] followed by a name; [Clown]Afghan, [Clown]Zoom, [Clown]Ironic, [Clown]Mariachi, [Clown]Junior, [Clown]Krull and [Clown]Spinball. Ringmaster was born as a keeper of the CLOWNs. At first just as a fiction character, later as an alt who was feared for his accuracy. We even had a website at (its still out there!).

1998 (april)
CLOWN enters the land of Ultima Online. Most of the original crew came along but a few new lunies were found drifting on the Pacific shard. With the ingame ability to set guild titles, the Quake nameing expanded and became what we still have today, ie Gloom, The Elder CLOWN.

1999 (jan)
Upon release of the Europa shard the guild moves from Pacific. Within 6 months the number of lunies had increased dramatically. As a result the student/CLOWN idea was born. At the peak in spring 2000 the number of lunies had passed beyond 250.

1999 (spring)
The very first UO website,, is made by Gloom.

1999 (month?)
The release of EverQuest draws the attention of some lunies, however an official guild is never formed.

2000 (spring?)
With the release of Asherons Call, the guild expands to another realm and an official guild is formed. At the peak in spring 2001 the number of lunies was about 75.

2000 (month?)
The website changes adress to and is still only UO. Balisarius hosts and maintains the site.

2002 (month?)
The url is registered and for a few months there are two sites.

2002 (month?)
A few lunies find their way to the new game Anarchy Online but an official guild is never formed.

2003 (feb?)
A few lunies find their way to the new game Shadowbane but an official guild is never formed. Mostly because there were only american servers.

2003 (feb)
The new and improved website at, designed by Lord Afghan, becomes a portal to all clown-infested games.

2003 (nov)
A few lunies enters Horizon. An official guild is formed but lasts only a few months.

2003 (nov)
CLOWN goes to space! Alot of the "old" CLOWNs from UO signs up as imperials in Star Wars Galaxies. One by one the rebels are broken down and converted. At its peak (spring 2004) the guild had about 75 members on the Chimera server. ClownTown was built dead center on Dantooine.

2004 (june)
An official guild is finally formed in EverQuest.

2004 (nov)
An official guild is formed in EverQuest 2.

2004 (nov)
The SWG CLOWN population decreased dramatically from sept-nov. The launch of EQ2 and WoW was too tempting. A handfull brave lunies still kick rebel ass.

2004 (nov)
Alot of lunies find their way to the US open beta of World of Warcraft. A few even try the Korean open beta.

2005 (jan)
A tremendous amount of lunies find their way to the European open beta of World of Warcraft.

2005 (feb)
World of Warcraft goes live in Eurpoe. CLOWNs have been reported to hunt Horde all over the Skullcrusher server. An offspring, Dark Clowns, hunts Alliance on the Al'Akir server. Official guilds are formed in both realms.

2005 (may)
The guild in WoW had at its peak about +200 listed toons. In order to restore the CLOWN spirit, a large number of students were booted. Several lunies leave the guild (autumn 2005) to get end game experience in other guilds. They later return to help CLOWN to go "endgame". The guild takes a setback (jan 2006) as the effort to make CLOWN a successful endgame guild is futile.

2006 (march)
The old site (made by Lord Afghan) has through the years become fubar. Adenas pulls a new one out of his magic hat in a few nights! Official launch of the new site is april 10th. Both .com and .org can be used.

2006 (august)
The guild (Skullcrusher) is revitalised and rebuilt. A sub-guild, Circus, is formed for alts to be transfered to.

2007 (april)
Most of the scattered lunies return home (together with new comrades) and the WoW guild (Skullcrusher) is restored to its former glory. Two sections are formed; raiding and social to ensure every playstyle is provided for.

2007 (feb)
A few brave lunies starts to play Vanguard and an official guild is formed.

2007 (june)
The raiding section of the guild (Skullcrusher) falls apart. The casual section remains.

2007 (july)
A few brave lunies return to Star Wars Galaxies (Chimaera) and rebuilds Clown Town. The guild is still there after nearly 3 years!

2007 (dec)
Clown Town is once again abandoned. City maintenance is payed until dec 2009 should anyone be loony enough to return.

2008 (feb)
A guildhall is built. Thats a real effort!

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